Being Good Neighbours Fact Sheet

Royer Residence Fact Sheet and ideas for a more neighbourly Zoning Bylaw

Both Councillor Zoe Royer and Gaetan Royer are public figures in Port Moody, so it’s only fair that they hold themselves accountable to the community. We welcome this opportunity to share facts about our house, show how much we care for our neighbours and dispel politically-motivated rumours.

We listened carefully to all the concerns expressed at the recent Town Hall meeting. This document shows how our house measures up relative to these concerns. We will be happy to give anyone a tour of our property to see these facts first hand. We would just ask that visitors also listen to our pitch about sustainable construction and energy conservation.

4. Protecting neighbours’ views

Our house sits in the view corridor of two houses behind us on Barber Lane. Below are the real estate listings for these two houses years after our house was completed. Both listings should easily dispel the claim made by some that we impacted views. You may click on links below to view the full listing.
Click here for 22 Axford Bay        Click here for 18 Axford Bay

5. Working within natural grade
On this challenging section of Ioco Road, we had to deal with a very steep slope. We still managed to build below natural grade and lower than the maximum height allowed under the existing Zoning Bylaw.

10. Retaining walls – low, terraced and away from property lines
11. Preserving existing trees
12. Low profile vs high peaked roofs

The environmental design features of our house were highlighted in local papers, a three page spread in the Vancouver Sun (click here) and on Global TV (click here). Zoe and I were invited to share our experience in a presentation for architects, builders and engineers at Buildex at the Vancouver Convention Centre.Suggestion. Environmental sustainability was not the main issue of the Big House Town Hall meeting, but it was raised as a concern by several speakers.Regarding urgent Zoning Bylaw changes, the main priority should be building height, retaining walls, tree protection, roof profiles, consultation with neighbours, setbacks, site coverage and floor area ratio. But it would also be important to consider incorporating best practices from other municipalities to promote more sustainable construction.

This is an opportunity for Port Moody to regain its place as an environmental leader.Credits. This house was designed by Gaetan and Zoe. Gaetan has a Bachelor degree in Architecture, a Masters degree in Urban Planning and he is a Military Engineer. Phoenix Engineering did the structural design.


Thank you very much for this opportunity to share factual information about our house and offer a series of suggestions to improve the City of Port Moody Zoning Bylaw.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In closing, we wish to re-iterate our invitation for anyone who would like to visit our home and verify any of the facts that we shared in this document. Gaetan and Zoe Royer