Response to Jim Peacock’s Letter to Editor

Re: Response to Jim Peacock’s Letter to Editor (TriCity News Oct. 10, 14): “Negative Results if PoMo opts for four years…”

During my run as a federal candidate in 2008, I was introduced to Mr. Peacock when he was campaign manager for another candidate. This is when his Opinion letters against me began. While everyone is entitled to freedom of expression, I for one could never participate in a campaign fueled by hatred and dishonesty, whose primary objective is to defame other people’s reputation, instill fear and divide our community. After all, we are all creatures of God and part of the same human family.

Residents respect me as a strong and independent voice for small business, the environment and the arts, and Port Moody taxpayers recognize my commitment to fiscal prudence. In 2013, I proposed many reasonable, well-researched budget cuts to ensure our residents and businesses didn’t experience another hefty increase in their property taxes. With very few of these cuts supported by the majority of Council, I was the lone voice voting against the budget. As a result, Port Moody experienced a taxation increase of nearly 6%, two years in a row; the highest increase across the region.

Throughout the OCP process, I’ve proposed increasing employment space in the plan to ensure well-paying jobs become available for residents, stimulate a daytime economy and help reduce traffic congestion, with a strategy to ensure Port Moody’s small town feel is protected. Throughout my term, I’ve advocated for more affordable seniors housing in the heart of the City, the expansion of Rocky Point Park, revitalization of Inlet Sports Field, enhanced library space and better amenities to serve West Port Moody. Moving forward, I’ll continue to focus on growing our local economy so that small, independent businesses and artists can truly thrive, and residents can work, shop and play right here in a walkable, vibrant Port Moody.

As we approach E-Day, it’s likely there will be more rhetoric, personal attacks and rumours aimed at spreading misinformation and doubt about my family’s commitment to our community. It is what happens when some camps fear losing.

You can be assured that I, and the folks who support me will not succumb to slanderous or dishonest behaviour towards any candidates. In the words of Ghandi, “An eye for an eye makes everyone blind”. We will stand tall in the face of adversity as persons of integrity, working around the clock to bring hope to the people of Port Moody; hope for new leadership and a brighter future for our fair city.

In closing, I take heart in the fact that most people in our community are good, honest folks who want the best for Port Moody and will look beyond the rhetoric, do their own research, seek the truth and cast their ballot on Nov. 15th.

Councillor Zoë Royer, City of Port Moody